When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring – Guide

Do you want to know the best time to plant grass in spring? Read this entire article and by the end of the reading, you will know when to plant grass seed in spring.

Planting grass at the right time will ensure that it grows healthy, strong, and smooth. You’ll have the best grass in the neighborhood.

When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring

Between the moment we sow the grass and the moment when the first seedlings appear, about a week goes by. After a month, a young green carpet, still delicate, is already visible. During this period, the newborn grasses are very fragile: they need constant humidity, they are not able to compete with weeds and they are very sensitive to climatic changes (drought, frost, etc.).

When seeding the grass, we will avoid subjecting the young grass to these extreme conditions. Therefore, we will seed the lawn during the spring or fall seasons. In spring, the frosts are over and the summer heatwaves are still far away. In autumn it is just the other way around, the extreme heat has passed and there is still time before the frost arrives. Some people prefer to do it in autumn because there is less competition between grass and weeds. The soil, after the summer, is warm and helps the grass to grow.

Therefore, we can conclude that the best time to plant grass is from mid-March to mid-May, or from the end of August to the end of October (preferably in the later period). This is a general rule but nothing prevents, weather permitting, deviate a little.

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Sowing Grass in Spring

In summary, remember to respect the dates mentioned above so that your grass grows perfectly. Choose the grass seeds you like the most and prepare the soil for correct sowing.

We hope that this information about when to plant grass seed in spring will be of great use to you and that you will be able to have the best grass in your garden.

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