How to Plant Orange Seeds – Step by Step

How to Plant Orange Seeds at home? Today we are going to learn how to obtain an orange tree from seed and be able to plant and grow it in a pot.

How to Grow an Orange Tree from a Seed

When germinating an orange we have to take into account that it should be large and have a good orange color. Many oranges do not contain seeds, especially those we buy in the supermarket. That is why it is important to buy several for this experiment. The best time to obtain and germinate an orange tree from seed is in spring or summer.

As soon as we find orange seeds, we must extract their seeds and wash them, to obtain the citrus tree. Once the seeds are washed, we must peel the skin that covers it so that it germinates faster and healthier. This applies to both Chinese oranges and red oranges, otherwise, it takes longer to germinate.

You can germinate them and sow them wherever you want. For me, the most advisable is to plant them in a paper napkin. We will put there our future orange tree, moisten the napkin with water, drain it and wrap it with aluminum foil. It is important to leave them in a heat source because they do not sprout when cold.

orange tree potted

How Long Does It Take for Oranges to Germinate

How long does it take for our orange tree to germinate from the moment we sow it? Normally it usually takes about a week. Germinating oranges and their germination is very easy and fast.

How to Grow and Plant the Orange Tree in Pot.

Once the root has emerged, we are going to plant it with the roots facing downwards and cover it with a little substrate or soil.

After two weeks our citrus will begin to sprout from seed. The pot, flowerpot, or container does not need to be very big or large initially, since later it will be necessary to transplant it as it grows. It likes acid soils and with good drainage, although it adapts very well to any universal substrate sold in the supermarket.

I hope this article about how to plant orange seeds be of great help.

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