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Carrotwood Tree Pros and Cons [Guide]

Carrotwood tree (Cupaniopsis anacardioides) also known as Tuckeroo is a very beautiful evergreen tree to decorate gardens. This tree is not very demanding in terms of care but like all species, it has its pros and cons. Continue reading to learn more about carrotwood tree pros and cons.

The Carrotwood tree is native to Australia’s coastal rainforest. Low growing it never exceeds 40 ft (12 meters) in height and its trunk is about 20” (50 cm) in diameter; Tuckeroo is used as an ornamental in gardens and public spaces. Outside its place of origin, it is necessary to control the carrotwood tree because it tends to become invasive.

In this article I will not only talk about the pros and cons of the carrotwood tree, but I will also give tips for the care and pruning of the carrotwood tree.

How to Care for a Carrotwood Tree

Carrotwood tree prefers USDA Hardiness Zones 9 to 11. This tree prefers humid and warm areas to develop. In Florida and Hawaii, the carrotwood tree is considered an invasive species. Carrotwood tree grows in almost any type of soil, the pH for this tree is between 6 and 8.5. I recommend you read our article on how to measure soil pH to know the value of your soil.

Watering should be moderate, keeping the substrate slightly moist, not wet. Tuckeroo prefers locations that receive full sun to partial shade. Plant carrotwood trees in a place that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight daily.  Carrotwood tree does not like low temperatures when young, but becomes harder with time.

During the first year, the carrotwood tree will need constant watering to become established. Once established the carrotwood tree is not demanding in terms of watering, it should only be watered in times of drought or low rainfall. Remember not to over-water the soil of the carrotwood tree.

Carrotwood tree may require fertilizers if the soil in which it is planted does not have too many nutrients. Observe the growth of the tree and if you observe that it is not developing properly use a slow-release fertilizer NPK 16-6-12. This is a tree that in hot and humid areas develops very fast.

Pruning Carrotwood Tree

The Carrotwood tree is not a tree that needs constant pruning, this tree is only pruned to control its size and shape. Likely, it is not necessary to prune this tree every year as is the case with other species.

Being an evergreen tree, the carrotwood tree can be pruned at any time of the year. Use pruning shears and hand saws for pruning. Disinfect the tools with alcohol before starting to prune the carrotwood tree.

Remove dead, damaged, or dying branches. Also remove branches that are rubbing, as these types of branches can favor the appearance of diseases. Remove the desired branches and observe the tree. I recommend never pruning too sharply.

pruning carrotwood tree
Carrotwood tree with its fruits.

Pests and Diseases Carrotwood Tree

It can be said that the carrotwood tree is almost immune to native American insects, which is why it is also considered an invasive species. But the carrotwood tree can have problems with fungi. The two most known fungi that affect this tree are Verticillium Wilt and Fusarium Dieback. The University of Massachusetts mentions in an article how to control Verticillium.

Carrotwood Tree Pros and Cons

Like all trees, the carrotwood tree has advantages and disadvantages. Below is a list of carrotwood tree pros and cons.


  • Medium-sized trees are perfect for places that do not have space for large trees.
  • Carrotwood tree produces many seeds which attract many birds, if you like to have birds in your garden this is an ideal tree.
  • It withstands heat, drought, and almost any type of soil.
  • An evergreen tree so you will always have your tree with leaves.


  • This tree is considered invasive in Florida and Hawaii, check local regulations before planting it in your garden.
  • It can produce too many fruits and seeds it is not ideal to have this tree near a swimming pool.
carrotwood tree pros and cons
Carrotwood Tree Pros and Cons.

Final Conclusions

A Carrotwood tree is a beautiful tree to decorate almost any garden or yard as long as you can provide it with the above-mentioned necessities. With the right conditions for this tree, you will see it grow and develop quickly in your garden. I hope this article about carrotwood tree pros and cons will be useful and help you decide if this is a tree for your garden.

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