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45 Budget-Friendly Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Hey there, autumn lovers! Ready to spruce up your porch without emptying your wallet? I’ve got 45 fantastic ideas that’ll have your outdoor space looking like a fall wonderland in no time. Discover inspiring fall porch decor ideas on a budget. Transform your outdoor space with budget-friendly autumn decorations and DIY tips. Let’s dive in!

Key Elements for a Budget-Friendly Fall Porch Decoration

  • Pumpkins and Gourds: Incorporate pumpkins and gourds in a variety of sizes and colors. Use dried corn as accents or bundle together for a rustic look. Scatter pine cones around planters or place them in decorative bowls. Place cornstalks around porch pillars or the entryway. Stack hay bales for a rustic seating area or display.
  • Seasonal Flowers: Plant mums or other autumn blooms in pots.
  • DIY Wreaths: Create wreaths from twigs, pinecones, and autumn leaves.
  • Chalkboard Signs: Write fall greetings or quotes on small chalkboards.
  • Plaid Blankets and Pillows: Add cozy textiles with plaid patterns in fall colors and no-orange colors, such as back and white buffalo plaid.
  • Burlap Accents: Use burlap ribbon or fabric for a rustic touch.
  • String Lights: Hang inexpensive string lights for a warm glow.
  • Lanterns and Candles: Use lanterns with LED candles for a cozy, safe glow.
  • Fall-Themed Welcome Mats: Swap out your regular mat for a seasonal one.
  • Garlands: Hang garlands made of faux maple leaves, berries, or felt pumpkins.
  • Repurposed Items: Use old crates, baskets, and mason jars as decorative pieces. Fill old milk cans with seasonal branches or flowers. Add wooden signs with fall sayings or quotes. Make or buy a small scarecrow to add a fun touch. Hang plaid or checkered fabric banners across the porch.
  • Thrift Store Finds: Look for budget-friendly decor at thrift stores or yard sales.

Beyond the Traditional Orange

Although most of the decorations you are about to see in this post go through all the orange shapes and traditional fall palettes, consider thinking outside the box!

Explore the possibilities of fall decorations that transcend the traditional orange palette. You can create an elegant and inviting autumn ambiance that reflects your unique style by incorporating sophisticated color schemes such as black and white, white and light blue, sage green, or beige.

fall decoration idea beyond the traditional oragen

For an elegant and sophisticated fall decoration, consider avoiding strong accents of orange. Here are some recommended products used to craft these front and back porches.

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Now, get inspired with 45 affordable fall porch decor ideas and elevate your home’s curb appeal!

Natural Elements

Pumpkin Display

Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin patch? Create your own by mixing and matching pumpkins and gourds of all shapes and sizes.

fall decor ideas with pumpkin

Throw in some faux ones to save a few bucks – they’ll last year after year! These 68 assorted mini artificial pumpkins, complete with maple leaves, pine cones, acorns, sunflowers, and berries, provide endless opportunities for creating budget-friendly DIY fall decorations.

pumpkin display for fall decor

DIY Fall Wreath

Nature’s got your back on this one. Grab some pine cones, acorns, and those beautiful fall leaves. With a little creativity, you’ll have a stunning wreath that screams autumn.

diy fall wreath
handmade fall wreath with natural elements

Corn Stalks

Want instant rustic charm? Bundle up some corn stalks and place them around your porch. It’s like bringing a little bit of the countryside right to your doorstep.

fall decoration with corn stalks
porch fall decorated with corn stalks and haverst sign

Hay Bales

Small hay bales are multipurpose decorations. Use them as seating or as pedestals for your pumpkins and other fall goodies. Talk about farm-chic!

hey bales in a front porch for fall decor

Check out this rustic cottage bench, perfect for enhancing your fall porch decor with a plaid blanket and cozy cushions.

hay bales and pumpkins in a porch

Mums in Pots

Potted mums are fall’s unofficial mascot. Plant these colorful beauties in cheap pots, or get creative with repurposed containers. Hello, instant autumn vibes!

fall decorating ideas with potted mums
potted mums in a welcoming front door

Cozy Touches

Lanterns with Candles

Nothing says cozy like a warm glow. Fill lanterns with LED candles or fairy lights for a magical atmosphere that won’t blow out in the wind.

chimney decorated with lanterns and wheat stalks for fall decoration

Create a cozy fall atmosphere with a warm glow from these flameless LED lantern candles placed over the chimney. Enhance your autumn decor by adding dried wheat stalks and maple leaves.

porch decorated with plaid blankets and autumn garland

Plaid Blankets

Drape some plaid or fall-colored blankets over your chairs or railings. It’s like giving your porch a warm hug!

sitting porch with plaid blankets and pumpkins
cozy front porch fall decorated on a budget

Wooden Crates

Stack wooden crates to create a Pinterest-worthy display. Fill wooden crates with pumpkins, potted mums, or whatever screams fall to you.

wooden crates with pumpkins and mums for fall decoration on a budget
wooden crates as fall decor ideas on a budget


Channel your inner farmer and make a DIY scarecrow. Old clothes, some straw, and a bit of imagination are all you need for this charming fall friend.

budget friendly DIY scarecrow

Otherwise, you can find cheap small scarecrows at a dollar store.

cheap scarecrows in a porch

Decorative Accents

Chalkboard Signs

Get wordy with chalkboard signs. Write fall greetings or your favorite autumn quotes. It’s a great way to change up your decor throughout the season.

on a budget chalkboard signs with welcoming messages

Fall is a time for gratitude, and this chalkboard I recommend is the perfect place to write welcoming or thankful messages.

affordable chalkboard in fall porch

Mason Jar Lanterns

Transform plain mason jars into magical lanterns. Add some fairy lights or candles, and voilà – instant ambiance! These affordable fairy lights are a great option.

mason jars and string lights as fall decor ideas on a budget
fall porch decor ideas on a budget with pumpkins and mason jars with candles

Autumn Garland

String up a garland made of faux leaves, pinecones, and mini pumpkins. It’s like a fall forest wrapped around your porch! I found these affordable sets of 500 maple leaves in five different colors, perfect for crafting an autumn garland. Additionally, there are budget-friendly lighted fall leaf garlands available.

fall porch decor ideas on a budget with autumn garland, plaid blankets and pumpkins

Enhance your porch ambiance by hanging maple leaves with a clear fishing line from the ceiling.

front porch decorated with mums, pumpkins and maple leaves

Gingham Tablecloth

A simple gingham tablecloth on a small porch table can work wonders. It’s amazing how one piece of fabric can set the whole autumn mood.

gingham tablecloth and corn stalks for fall decoration

Enhance your budget-friendly fall decor with this buffalo plaid tablecloth.

plaid tablecloth for fall decoration on a budget

Rustic Wooden Signs

Got some old wood lying around? Paint rustic wooden signs with fall phrases like “Harvest” or “Welcome Fall.” It’s rustic, it’s charming, it’s so autumn!

rustic wooden signs and dried wildflowers for a fall decoration on a budget
harvest sign, pumpkins and hay bales in a porch for fall decor

Creative DIY Projects

DIY Hand Painted Fall-Themed Decoration

Get some acrylic paint and stencils, and create your own fall-themed planter, cushions, etc. for a personalized touch to your home decor! Also, make your own fall crafts in wood, paper, canvas, and even paper mâché. Learn how to paint terracotta pots.

I found this pack of 4 canvas throw pillow covers that are perfect for painting using stencils and acrylic paint, a fun DIY project for kids.

hand painted pot planters fall-themed decoration
diy terracotta pots painted with fall styles

Apple Crates

Fill crates with apples for a decoration that doubles as a snack station. It’s practical and pretty – what’s not to love?

apple crates decorating a front porch
apple crates, fairy lights and pumpkins for fall porch decor ideas on a budget

To decorate this cozy sitting area on the front porch, we used natural handmade rattan wicker furniture with cream cushions.

DIY Fall Banners

Craft some banners using fall-themed fabric or paper. It’s an easy and cheap way to add a festive touch to any corner of your porch.

diy fall banners

Other options are embroidered emblems that last for years to come.

embroidered blessed banner for fall decor


Hang or place birdhouses painted in fall colors. Your feathered friends will appreciate the new digs, and your porch will look adorable.

cheap birdhouses painted in fall colors

Painting birdhouses is a delightful activity for children and adds a fun touch to decorating your fall porch.

affordable birdhouses hanging from the ceiling of the front porch

Twig and Leaf Art

Get artsy with nature! Create simple pieces using twigs and leaves. It’s like bringing a bit of the forest to your porch.

canva with twig and leaf for fall decor
twigs and leaves glued on a canvas decoration on a budget

Recycled Jars with Flowers

Don’t toss those old jars! Fill recycled jars with wildflowers or dried blooms for a touch of rustic charm.

jars with dried flowers as fall porch decor ideas on a budget
fall front porch decorated on a budget

This 2-seater wooden porch swing completes the coziness and fall decoration of this front porch.

Pumpkin Topiaries

Stack pumpkins in different sizes to create a topiary effect. It’s like pumpkin Jenga, but way more stylish!

front door with pumpkins topiaries
pumpkin topiaries on a budget for fall decor

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Fall Decor Bonus!

Don’t forget to decorate your mailbox for fall to add a festive touch to your home!

mailbox fall decorated

Key Elements to Craft These 45 Fall Porch Decor Ideas On a Budget

Key fall decoration elements on a budget include rustic accents like burlap and twine, vibrant autumnal foliage such as maple leaves and sunflowers, cozy textiles like plaid blankets and cushions, and DIY crafts such as painted pumpkins or handmade wreaths. Here are some affordable options:

There you have it – 45 fall porch decor ideas on a budget to make your porch the coziest spot on the block this season. Which one will you try first? Happy Fall!

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