How to Care Air Plants – Ultimate Guide

Air Plant (Tillandsia) grow naturally on other plants, without being parasites, usually on trees in rainy areas of forests and mountains. They do not need a substrate to survive because they collect water and nutrients from the environment contained in the dust. Learn all about How to Care Air Plants in this post.

We should not have too much experience in gardening to plant and care for air plant.

Air Plant Care Guide

1 – Lighting for Air Plants

Prefers to live in areas where the sunlight comes indirectly (especially in summer). It does accept direct sun in the winter season. If it receives direct summer sun, its leaves will be damaged.

2 – Location, Indoor, and Outdoor

They are plants that we can have indoors as well as outdoors, with certain conditions. They can only live outside if the climate is moderate and humid. It is a slow-growing plant.

For growth in the interior, they need a space well ventilated and far from the windows.

air plant indoor

3 – Air Plant Care: Watering

The Tillandsias need almost no water to survive, but they do require a certain amount of moisture. The watering can be done using rainwater or mineral water. In the last case, that of the tap.

This plant likes to be sprayed daily, especially in summer.

4 – Frost and Cold

Tillandsia is very sensitive to cold. We cannot submit it to temperatures lower than 50 °F (10 °C).

If we have it outside, it is best to keep it in a place protected from the cold.

As for the heat, it can support up to 80 °F (30 °C).

5 – Air Plant Care: Reproduction

They can be multiplied in spring from cuttings by separating young branches. We must be careful not to damage it when separating them.

air plant flowers

6 – How to Care Air Plants: Pests

This is one of the most resistant plants in existence. With proper maintenance, you will not have problems.

If there is a lack of moisture in the plant, red spiders could appear.

how to care air plants air plant indoor potted
how to care air plants tillandsia indoor

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