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Best Soil for Fiddle Leaf Fig – Guide

The Ficus lyrata or fiddle leaf fig is one of the most popular houseplants of recent times. Easy to grow, its huge leaves will give you that green touch you want for your living room. Let’s get to know the best soil for the fiddle leaf fig tree and its care.

Characteristics of Fiddle Leaf Fig

To begin with, let’s get to know better the characteristics of the fiddle leaf fig.

Scientific name: Ficus lyrata

Perennial plant.

Native of tropical Africa.

Habitually used as an indoor plant.

Leaves of great size in the shape of a lyre and very brilliant.

Best Soil for Fiddle Leaf Fig

We can create our soil for fiddle leaf fig. It is very simple and you will only need the following products to make the homemade soil mix for fiddle leaf fig.

1 Part potting soil (Order it here).

1 Part compost (Order it here).

2 Parts bark or mulch (Order it here).

Then we will mix all the ingredients and we will have the best soil for fiddle leaf fig tree.

If, on the other hand, you cannot make this mixture due to lack of time or you do not have all the ingredients at home, we recommend these soils for fiddle leaf fig trees that come ready to use. 

We took the trouble to carefully analyze all the ingredients that the above-mentioned soils have and we concluded that they could very well be called the best soils for fiddle leaf fig trees.

best soil for fiddle leaf

How to Care for Fiddle Leaf Fig

You know what is the best soil for fiddle leaf fig. Now you should know the general care because it is not only the type of soil that is important for your fiddle leaf fig.

Light and Temperature

The fiddle leaf fig is a plant native to Africa that can be grown outdoors like another Ficus. However, it needs temperate temperatures that do not fall below 59°F (15ºC), although adult specimens that are well established can occasionally withstand somewhat lower temperatures.

As an indoor plant, it will adapt without problems to the usual temperatures that we usually have in our homes.

It needs good lighting without direct sun, so you should look for space as bright as possible.

light and temperature ficus

Fiddle Leaf Fig Pot

Any pot with drainage holes and sufficient size is suitable for fiddle leaf fig, we especially recommend terracotta pots. Simply, when you see too much of the plant’s roots it means that it has grown too much and needs to be repotted into a larger pot, or outdoors to be directly in the ground.

Watering and Fertilizing

Watering a Ficus lyrata is not complicated, it is simply necessary to keep the substrate moist most of the time, thus providing it with a tropical-like humidity environment. However, you must never water to the point of waterlogging or letting the soil dry out completely, thus avoiding water stress for the plant. In the cold months, space out the watering a little, up to about once a week.

As with most plants, fertilizing Ficus lyrata during the warmer months will help it grow more vigorously and keep the plant in its best shape. You should use universal fertilizer for green plants, or make an organic fertilizer yourself.

You should also use one of these specific fertilizers for fiddle leaf fig.

watering and fertilizing ficus lyrata

How to Repot Fiddle Leaf Fig

Another of the fiddle leaf fig care is to know when to repot it. When it comes to repotting the Ficus lyrata, there are two main possibilities: repotting it to another pot or outdoors. If it is the first case, transplant it when the roots show through the soil, which will happen every one or two years. The second case will simply occur when the plant has grown too big to be kept indoors. These are the steps for repotting:

  • Sterilize the tools you are going to use, both for pruning and to help you with the repotting.
  • Maintain the plant by removing dry leaves or parts in poor condition.
  • Loosen the soil around the edges of the pot, moving the plant a little to loosen the root ball.
  • Remove the plant taking care not to damage it. You can loosen roots that are too compacted.
  • Place the plant in its new location, cover the root ball with soil and water.

Learn more about How to Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig.

We hope this article about the best soil for fiddle leaf fig will be of great help to you and you will know how to provide the best care for this beautiful plant.

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