Yellow Leaves on Peace Lily – How to Fix

In this guide, we will explain everything about yellow leaves on peace lily. The peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp) is a houseplant, characterized by its quick and easy way to adapt to low light spaces. Learn all about yellow leaves on peace lilies.

Yellow Leaves on Peace Lily

Yellow Leaves on Peace Lily: Sunburn

Peace lilies do not need too much direct sunlight, they should have indirect light and if it is direct, it should be at times when the sun is not so strong or it will burn the leaves. So, one of the causes of yellow leaves on peace lilies may be too much sun.

Soil Problems

The soil of the peace lily should be kept moist, but never waterlogged, so it must have good drainage.

If you water the peace lily too much it will have yellow leaves, it is best to water it once a week.

yellow leaves on peace lily

Irrigation Problems

If the problem is not overwatering, it may be water quality. Tap water usually has many additives that are not good for plants.

It is recommended in this case to try another type of water such as rainwater or filtered water.

If the tap water has too much calcium, it will cause the leaves to turn yellow and brown. Check the base of the pot (holes), if you see white spots this may be an excess of calcium in the water.

Diseases in Peace Lily

The main disease that affects the peace lily is a fungus that affects its roots and so the first leaves of the lily start to turn yellow/brown and end up killing the plant. Against this, it is practically impossible to find a solution.

peace lilies yellow leaves

Nutrient Deficiencies in Peace Lily

Peace lilies are not a plant that requires a lot of fertilizer, but it sometimes shows yellow leaves due to lack of nutrients. It is susceptible to a lack of magnesium, but it is also affected by a lack of nitrogen, potassium, and iron.

With a 20-20-20 action fertilizer every few months we can give the necessary nutrients to our peace lily.

yellow leaves peace lilies
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