Yellow Leaves on Gardenia – How to Fix

If you have seen some yellow leaves on gardenia, do not worry here we will inform you about the possible causes and how to solve the problem on gardenias.

Chlorosis is a problem in which the amount of chlorophyll in the leaves is reduced. Chlorophyll is a pigment present in the young leaves and stems of plants that gives them their characteristic green color. When the content of this pigment decreases, leaves appear yellow, brown, or even white in some cases.

While there can be a variety of causes for why gardenias show yellow leaves, the most common are overwatering, mineral deficiencies, and insufficient sunlight. Below are the most common causes of yellow leaves on gardenia and some remedies to stop this yellowing.

Yellow Leaves on Gardenia

Yellow Leaves on Gardenia: Magnesium Deficiency

Lack of magnesium in gardenias may be one of the causes of yellow leaves. The yellowing will be seen on the outside of the leaf and the center will be green (photo below).

yellow leaves on gardenia magnesium deficiency

To solve it, you can add a fertilizer that is rich in magnesium or use Epsom salts.

Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency can also cause yellow leaves on gardenia. The leaves are very similar to magnesium deficiency.

The solution is to add iron powder (for plants) or some fertilizer that has plenty of iron. Apply once every two to four weeks. You can buy the same iron that we use with our plants here.

Excess Fertilizer

Also, the excess of fertilizers is bad for the plants, one must have a balance with the nutrients that it provides to the plant. Too much fertilizer can burn the root of the plant and here it will be almost impossible to save the gardenia plant. We recommend this fertilizer for gardenias.

gardenia excess fertilizer

Gardenia Pests

Pests such as mealybugs and aphids are also to blame for yellow leaves on gardenia. These pests usually suck the sap from the plants and leave a sticky secretion that causes a fungus to grow which blocks sunlight so the plant does not photosynthesize properly.

The solution is to use neem oil or an organic pesticide to eliminate these pests as soon as possible from the plant.

gardenia pests

Excess Watering

Too much water can cause yellow leaves, so it is important to control the amount of water. If the plant is in the ground directly, stop watering for a few days, but if it is in a pot, it is best to change some of the soil so that the roots do not rot.

gardenia yellow leaves

Yellow Leaves on Gardenia – Final Conclusions

As you may have observed there can be several causes of yellow leaves, our recommendation is that you never overwater your plants in general and control the fertilizers so that you do not over-fertilize. Hopefully, this note about yellow leaves on gardenia will be of great help and you will be able to solve the problems with your plant.