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55 Trending Summer Wedding Bouquets for 2024

Wedding bouquet trends for 2024 reflect evolving preferences and new influences in the wedding industry. Explore detailed suggestions for flowers and colors that are perfect for summer weddings and how these trends differ from previous years. Check out these 55 stunning summer wedding bouquets trending for 2024!

trending summer wedding bouquets for 2024

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Sustainable Summer Wedding Bouquets

The emphasis on sustainability is growing stronger each year. While eco-friendly practices have been around, there’s a heightened focus on local sourcing and reducing the carbon footprint of wedding flowers in 2024.

sustainable summer wedding bouquets for 2024
  • Flowers: Sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, marigolds, and other locally grown, seasonal blooms.
  • Colors: Bright yellows, oranges, reds, and greens to reflect the summer season.
  • Extras: Use reusable ribbons, organic cotton wrapping, and natural twine for tying.

Sunflower and Marigold Delight Wedding Bouquet

sunflower and marigold delight wedding bouquet

Brighten your summer wedding with a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers and marigolds. The large, golden sunflowers and warm orange marigolds create a stunning focal point, complemented by yellow and orange zinnias and dahlias. Tied with reusable ribbons and wrapped in organic cotton with natural twine, this bouquet is both beautiful and sustainable.

Radiant Zinnia and Dahlia Mix Wedding Bouquet

radiant zinnia and dahlia mix wedding bouquet

Bursting with summer colors, this bouquet features a radiant mix of zinnias and dahlias. Bright reds, oranges, and yellows celebrate the season’s energy, while green foliage adds a fresh contrast. Finished with reusable ribbons, organic cotton wrapping, and natural twine, it’s a vibrant and eco-friendly choice.

Golden Glow with Greens Wedding Bouquet

golden glow with greens wedding bouquet

This bouquet blends bright yellows and lush greens, featuring sunflowers, zinnias, and marigolds. The striking sunflowers and colorful zinnias and marigolds create a harmonious summer glow, accented by fresh green foliage. Wrapped in organic cotton and tied with natural twine, it’s a sustainable and stunning option.

Vibrant Summer Blooms Wedding Bouquet

vibrant summer blooms wedding bouquet

Celebrate summer with a bouquet of vibrant, locally grown zinnias and dahlias creating a dynamic mix of bright deep pinks, reds, and green fern leaves for a cascading touch. Wrapped in organic cotton and secured with natural twine and reusable ribbons, this bouquet champions sustainability and summer beauty.

Capturing the Natural Beauty of Wildflowers in Summer Wedding Bouquets

These have become increasingly popular as couples seek a more natural, whimsical look, moving away from the highly structured arrangements that were trendy in the past.

wildflowers in summer wedding bouquets
  • Flowers: Daisies, Queen Anne’s lace, cornflowers, cosmos, and buttercups.
  • Colors: A mix of soft pastels and vibrant shades like purple, pink, yellow, and white.
  • Extras: Add grasses and foliage to enhance the wild, natural look.

Pastel Daisy Dream Wedding Bouquet

pastel daisy dream wedding bouquet

Embrace the soft elegance of summer with a bouquet featuring delicate daisies and Queen Anne’s lace. The mix of white daisies and intricate Queen Anne’s lace creates a dreamy, pastel base, while touches of pink cosmos and yellow buttercups add gentle pops of color. Accentuated with grasses and lush foliage, this bouquet captures the essence of a wildflower meadow.

Vibrant Blue Charm Wedding Bouquet

vibrant blue charm wedding bouquet

For a burst of summer vibrancy, choose a bouquet that showcases the striking hues of cornflowers and cosmos. The vivid blues of cornflowers and bold pinks of cosmos create a lively, eye-catching arrangement, softened by the gentle whites of daisies and Queen Anne’s lace. Accented with fresh grasses and green foliage, this bouquet exudes a wild, natural charm.

Sunny Buttercup Bliss Wedding Bouquet

sunny buttercup bliss wedding bouquet

Brighten your wedding day with a bouquet filled with cheerful buttercups and daisies. The sunny yellow buttercups and crisp white daisies form a radiant base, enhanced by the delicate beauty of Queen Anne’s lace and soft pink cosmos. Adding wisps of grasses and foliage brings a touch of nature’s wild elegance.

Cosmos Meadow Magic Wedding Bouquet

cosmos meadow magic wedding bouquet

Capture the whimsical beauty of a summer meadow with a bouquet featuring cosmos, daisies, and buttercups. The playful pinks of cosmos, sunny yellows of buttercups, and classic whites of daisies create a vibrant and harmonious blend. Queen Anne’s lace adds delicate texture, while olive foliage enhances the wild, natural look.

Sophistication with Monochromatic Summer Wedding Bouquets

The use of single-color blooms in varying shades is a modern twist, providing a sophisticated and cohesive aesthetic that contrasts with the multi-colored bouquets often seen in previous years.

sophistication with monochromatic summer wedding bouquets
  • Flowers: Choose one flower type in multiple shades (e.g., roses, peonies, hydrangeas).
  • Colors: Shades of pink, from blush to deep rose, or shades of purple, from lavender to plum, shades of peach and apricot, etc.
  • Extras: Use variations in texture and size to add depth and interest.

Blush Rose Romance Wedding Bouquet

blush rose romance wedding bouquet

This bouquet features a stunning array of roses in shades from soft blush to deep rose. The varying hues and sizes of the roses create a rich, romantic depth. Accentuated with lush green foliage, the bouquet is tied with elegant, reusable ribbons and wrapped in organic cotton, perfect for a sophisticated summer wedding.

Apricot Lisianthus Elegance Wedding Bouquet

apricot lisianthus elegance wedding bouquet

A dreamy bouquet of lisianthus in shades of apricot to deep peach. The soft, ruffled petals create a delicate texture, while the varying sizes of the blooms add visual interest. Accentuate with olive branches for a soft cascading effect. Coordinating bouquets for the bridesmaids. If you plan to grow these beautiful lisianthus, don’t miss the most complete online guide: Growing Lisianthus from Seeds and Plugs (Eustoma grandiflorum), which includes tips for extending their already long-vase life.

Peony Perfection Wedding Bouquet

peony perfection wedding bouquet

Celebrate with a lush bouquet of peonies in shades from pale pink to vibrant magenta. The full, voluminous blooms offer a luxurious texture, creating a captivating and romantic arrangement.

Hydrangea Purple Harmony Wedding Bouquet

hydrangea purple harmony wedding bouquet

A sophisticated bouquet featuring hydrangeas in a spectrum of purple shades, from light lavender to deep plum, and jasmine vines for a little green touch. The large, rounded blooms provide a striking texture and fullness.

Elegant White Summer Wedding Bouquet

elegant white summer wedding bouquet

The bride’s mother, a florist, designed this elegant all-white white summer bouquet. White orchids, lilies, roses, and hydrangeas. These delicate blooms are beautifully enhanced by orchid branches, without additional greenery. The gentle flow of flowers in monochromatic white and creamy shades exudes romance and sophistication, perfect for a graceful elegant summer wedding.

Bold and Bright Blooms for Standout Summer Wedding Bouquets

While colorful bouquets have always been popular, the 2024 trend leans towards even more vibrant and electric hues, reflecting a bolder approach to wedding florals.

  • Flowers: Gerbera daisies, ranunculus, anemones, tulips, and lilies.
  • Colors: Bright fuchsia, orange, electric blue, and vivid yellow.
  • Extras: Incorporate bold greenery like monstera leaves or ferns.

Fuchsia Gerbera Daisy Fiesta Wedding Bouquet

fuchsia gerbera daisy fiesta wedding bouquet

Make a bold statement with a vibrant bouquet of fuchsia gerbera daisies. These striking blooms are paired with bright greenery like monstera leaves, creating a vivid and eye-catching arrangement. Perfect for a standout summer wedding, this bouquet radiates energy and joy.

Orange Ranunculus Radiance Wedding Bouquet

orange ranunculus radiance wedding bouquet

Illuminate your summer wedding with a bouquet of bright orange ranunculus. The lush, layered petals of the ranunculus are complemented by bold green ferns, adding depth and texture. This dynamic and cheerful bouquet is sure to turn heads and add a pop of color to your special day.

Electric Blue Anemone Extravaganza Wedding Bouquet

electric blue anemone extravaganza wedding bouquet

Add a touch of the extraordinary with a bouquet of electric blue anemones and beige lisianthus. These unique blooms are enhanced with bold monstera leaves, creating a striking and unforgettable arrangement. Perfect for a summer wedding, this bouquet is both bold and beautiful.

Vivid Yellow Tulip Triumph Wedding Bouquet

vivid yellow tulip triumph wedding bouquet

Celebrate your summer wedding with a bouquet of vivid yellow tulips. The bright, cheerful tulips are paired with bold greenery like ferns, adding contrast and vibrancy. This stunning bouquet is perfect for adding a burst of sunshine and happiness to your wedding day.

Cascading Summer Wedding Bouquets for an Elegant Celebration

These were more common in the past but are making a stylish comeback with a modern twist, incorporating contemporary flowers and greenery for a fresh take on a classic style.

  • Flowers: Orchids, trailing ivy, wisteria, clematis, lisianthus and garden roses.
  • Colors: Soft pinks, whites, and greens for a romantic feel or bold reds and purples for drama.
  • Extras: Add cascading greenery like eucalyptus or trailing jasmine.

Romantic Cascade Wedding Bouquet

romantic cascade wedding bouquet

Pristine white garden roses, elegant lilies, and delicate hydrangeas, all intertwined with smaller rose buds. Draping down from the blooms are cascading wisteria vines, adding a dreamy and romantic touch. The bouquet is further enhanced with dusty miller for texture and eucalyptus leaves for a fresh, natural element. The overall effect is a long, stunning display of floral beauty perfect for a memorable summer wedding.

Whimsical Wisteria Elegance Wedding Bouquet

whimsical wisteria elegance wedding bouquet

Capture the essence of whimsy with a cascading bouquet of wisteria and clematis. The soft purple and white blooms are interwoven with trailing jasmine and olive branches, creating a dreamy, flowing arrangement. This bouquet adds a touch of enchantment and elegance to any summer wedding.

Lisianthus and Garden Rose Fantasy Wedding Bouquet

lisianthus and garden rose fantasy wedding bouquet

Adorn your wedding with a cascading bouquet of lisianthus and garden roses in soft purples and whites. The lush, full blooms are enhanced by cascading greenery such as trailing ivy and eucalyptus, creating a romantic and timeless look. This bouquet is the epitome of elegance and charm.

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Dramatic Red and Purple Cascade Wedding Bouquet

dramatic red and purple cascade wedding bouquet

For a bold and dramatic touch, choose a cascading bouquet of vibrant red and purple lisianthus and garden roses. The striking colors are beautifully balanced by cascading white orchids, olive, and eucalyptus branches, creating a stunning and unforgettable arrangement. Perfect for an elegant summer wedding with a touch of drama.

Dried Flowers and Cascade Pampas Grass Wedding Bouquet

dried flowers and cascade pampas grass wedding bouquet

Create a serene ambiance with a bouquet of dried roses, peonies, and lavender. The soothing palette of soft browns, creams, and dusty pinks is complemented by delicate preserved roses and peonies. A cascading pampas grass adds whimsical texture and charm, making this bouquet an elegant choice for a summer wedding with a rustic but elegant appeal.

Minimalist Summer Wedding Bouquets for Simplicity

The minimalist trend aligns with broader lifestyle movements towards simplicity and elegance, marking a shift from the more opulent and elaborate arrangements seen before.

minimalist summer wedding bouquets for simplicity
  • Flowers: Calla lilies, anthuriums, single-stem roses, or orchids.
  • Colors: Neutral tones like white, cream, blush, and soft green.
  • Extras: Keep foliage to a minimum, using sleek and simple leaves like olive branches.

Minimalist Calla Lily Elegance Wedding Bouquet

minimalist calla lily elegance wedding bouquet

Embrace minimalist elegance with a bouquet of pristine white calla lilies. Each lily’s sleek, trumpet-shaped bloom exudes sophistication, perfectly complemented by simple greenery like olive branches. This bouquet offers a timeless and refined look for a summer wedding, emphasizing purity and simplicity.

Anthurium Modern Chic Wedding Bouquet

anthurium modern chic wedding bouquet

For a contemporary twist, opt for a bouquet featuring anthuriums in creamy tones. The unique, heart-shaped blooms stand out against minimalist foliage such as eucalyptus leaves. This modern and chic bouquet adds a touch of sophistication to a summer wedding, blending simplicity with distinctive elegance.

Single-Stem Rose Sophistication Wedding Bouquet

single-stem rose sophistication wedding bouquet

Achieve understated elegance with a bouquet of single-stem roses in soft blush and cream hues and olive branches, creating a minimalist yet sophisticated arrangement. Ideal for a summer wedding, this bouquet radiates timeless beauty and refinement.

Orchid Cascade of Serenity Wedding Bouquet

orchid cascade of serenity wedding bouquet

Craft a serene atmosphere with a cascading bouquet of delicate orchids in neutral shades. The orchids’ graceful blooms cascade effortlessly amidst simple greenery like eucalyptus, evoking a sense of calm and purity. This minimalist bouquet is perfect for a summer wedding, offering a blend of elegance and tranquility.

Exotic Tropical Summer Wedding Bouquets

The popularity of beach destination weddings and a growing appreciation for exotic flora have pushed tropical bouquets into the spotlight, offering a more unique and adventurous option compared to traditional choices. Let’s see these unique beach wedding bouquets.

  • Flowers: Hibiscus, birds of paradise, anthuriums, and orchids.
  • Colors: Vibrant pinks, oranges, reds, and lush greens.
  • Extras: Add large tropical leaves like palm, monstera, or banana leaves.

Tropical Paradise with Birds of Paradise Wedding Bouquet

tropical paradise with birds of paradise wedding bouquet

Transport your wedding to a tropical paradise with a bouquet featuring vibrant birds of paradise and hibiscus blooms. These bold, exotic flowers in shades of orange and red are complemented by lush greenery like palm leaves and monstera foliage. This bouquet exudes warmth and energy, perfect for a summer wedding with a tropical flair.

Exotic Anthurium Elegance Wedding Bouquet

exotic anthurium elegance wedding bouquet

Embrace exotic elegance with a bouquet of striking anthuriums in vibrant shades of pink and red. The glossy heart-shaped blooms are accented with lush green palm leaves and banana leaves, creating a dramatic and unforgettable arrangement. Ideal for a summer wedding, this bouquet combines exotic beauty with a touch of sophistication.

Orchid Extravaganza Wedding Bouquet

orchid extravaganza wedding bouquet

Celebrate in style with a bouquet featuring an array of orchids in vibrant hues of pink and purple. The delicate orchid blooms are complemented by large tropical leaves and palm dates, adding a lush and exotic touch. This extravagant bouquet is perfect for a beach wedding, radiating beauty and tropical charm.

Hibiscus and Orchid Fusion Wedding Bouquet

hibiscus and orchid fusion wedding bouquet

Create a captivating bouquet with a fusion of hibiscus and orchids in vibrant shades of pink and orange. The tropical blooms are enhanced by bold palm leaves and banana leaves, adding texture and depth. This exotic bouquet captures the essence of summer with its vibrant colors and tropical allure, making it a stunning choice for a tropical-themed wedding.

Dreamy Romantic Blooms Captured in Summer Wedding Bouquets

While always loved, the garden style is now focusing more on creating lush, overflowing arrangements that capture the essence of a romantic, untamed garden.

  • Flowers: Roses, peonies, delphiniums, lisianthus, and hydrangeas.
  • Colors: Soft, romantic colors like blush, ivory, pastel blue, and lavender.
  • Extras: Include abundant greenery like ferns and ivy to create a lush garden feel.

Romantic Rose and Lisianthus Bliss Wedding Bouquet

romantic rose and lisianthus bliss wedding bouquet

Indulge in the romance of summer with a bouquet featuring roses and lisianthus in soft blush and ivory hues. These classic blooms are accented by delicate delphiniums in pastel blue and lavender shades. Abundant ferns and ivy add lushness and a garden-inspired feel to this dreamy bouquet, perfect for a romantic summer wedding.

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Pastel Delphinium and Hydrangea Serenade Wedding Bouquet

pastel delphinium and hydrangea serenade wedding bouquet

Create a serene ambiance with a bouquet of delphiniums and hydrangeas in pastel blue and lavender tones. These ethereal blooms are complemented by soft blush roses and ivory peonies, evoking a sense of tranquility and romance. Lush ferns and ivy add a garden-inspired touch, making this bouquet a picturesque choice for a summer wedding.

Hydrangea Garden Dream Wedding Bouquet

hydrangea garden dream wedding bouquet

Capture the essence of a lush garden with a bouquet featuring hydrangeas in white and soft pastel hues. Abundant eucalyptus leaves and ivy enhance the bouquet’s natural beauty, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere for a summer wedding.

Pastel Peony and Rose Ensemble Wedding Bouquet

pastel peony and rose ensemble wedding bouquet

Embrace timeless elegance with a bouquet of peonies and roses in soft blush and ivory shades. The luxurious peonies and delicate roses are interspersed with preserved dried branches. Lush greenery like eucalyptus leaves adds a garden-inspired charm, making this bouquet a captivating choice for a romantic summer wedding.

Pink Shades Symphony: Summer Romance Wedding Bouquet

pink shades symphony: summer romance wedding bouquet

Immerse your wedding in the tender allure of summer with a bouquet harmonizing the delicate pink shades of peonies, hydrangeas, and tulips. This floral arrangement captures the essence of romance, perfect for celebrating love under the warm, sunlit skies.

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Rustic Elegant Dried Summer Wedding Bouquets

These have gained traction due to their rustic charm and sustainability, differing from the fresh-only bouquets that dominated before. Their longevity and unique textures appeal to modern brides.

rustic elegant dried summer wedding bouquets
  • Flowers: Pampas grass, dried lavender, preserved roses, and bunny tails.
  • Colors: Neutral tones such as beige, cream, dusty pink, and soft browns.
  • Extras: Mix in dried wheat, eucalyptus, or craspedia (billy buttons) for texture.

Rustic Elegance with Pampas Grass and Dried Roses Wedding Bouquet

rustic elegance with pampas grass and dried roses wedding bouquet

Embrace rustic elegance with a bouquet featuring pampas grass and dried garden roses. The soft, natural hues of beige, cream, and dusty pink are enhanced by the textures of preserved roses and pampas grass. The bridesmaids carry petite bouquets that coordinate perfectly with the bride’s bouquet.

Preserved Rose and Pampas Grass Delight Wedding Bouquet

preserved rose and pampas grass delight wedding bouquet

Capture timeless charm with a bouquet featuring preserved roses, dried lavender, and airy pampas grass. The neutral tones of beige and cream are accented by soft browns and dusty pinks, creating a rustic yet elegant look. Dried wheat and eucalyptus add texture and natural beauty to this bouquet, perfect for a romantic summer wedding.

Bohemian Chic with Hydrangeas and Grass Wedding Bouquet

bohemian chic with hydrangeas and grass wedding bouquet

Embrace Bohemian charm with a bouquet featuring dried hydrangeas and pampas grass. The natural hues of beige, cream, and dusty pink are enhanced by the ethereal textures of dried lavender and preserved roses. Dried wheat and eucalyptus add rustic elegance, creating a whimsical and stylish choice for a summer Bohemian wedding.

Uniquely Yours: Personalized Wedding Bouquets for a Summer Celebration

local flowers for personalized wedding bouquets for a summer celebration

Personalization has always been a trend, but it’s becoming even more pronounced, with brides increasingly incorporating meaningful items and heirlooms into their bouquets, making them deeply personal and unique.

matching summer wedding bouquets
  • Flowers: Choose flowers with personal significance, such as the bride’s favorite blooms or those with family connections.
  • Colors: Customizable to the bride’s preference, often including colors that match the wedding theme or the bride’s personal style.
  • Extras: Incorporate personal items like brooches, lace from a family dress, or lockets with photos of loved ones.
seasonal cut flower growers wedding bouquets

Delphinium Wedding Bouquet

delphinium wedding bouquet

Elegant and whimsical, this bouquet features tall, graceful delphiniums in shades of blue and purple, accented with delicate greenery for a garden-inspired charm.

Yellow Summer Wedding Bouquet

yellow summer wedding bouquet

Radiant and cheerful, this bouquet showcases vibrant yellow and orange shade blooms such as sunflowers, zinnias, and dahlias, accented with greenery to capture the essence of a sunny summer day.

Red Summer Wedding Bouquet

red summer wedding bouquet

Passionate and bold, this bouquet features deep red roses and dahlias, contrasted with lush green foliage, perfect for making a statement at a summer wedding.

Soft Summer Wedding Bouquet

soft summer wedding bouquet

Romantic and delicate, this bouquet combines blush roses, ivory peonies, and white hydrangeas, accented with cascading greenery for a timeless and elegant look.

Blue Hydrangeas Summer Wedding Bouquet

blue hydrangeas summer wedding bouquet

Serene and classic, something blue. This bouquet highlights lush blue hydrangeas, complemented by white roses and eucalyptus, creating a refreshing and beautiful summer arrangement.

Stunning White Summer Wedding Bouquet

stunning white summer wedding bouquet

Pure and sophisticated, this all-white bouquet features panicle hydrangeas, orchids, ranunculus, lilies, and, lisianthus, accented with subtle greenery for a timeless and elegant summer wedding look.

Free-form Summer Wedding Bouquet

free-form summer wedding bouquet

Organic and whimsical, this bouquet mixes a variety of seasonal blooms and greenery in a loose, natural arrangement, perfect for a relaxed and laid-back summer wedding.

Sunflowers and Succulent Plants Summer Wedding Bouquet

sunflowers and succulent plants for summer wedding bouquet

Rustic and charming, this bouquet combines bright sunflowers with textured succulents and eucalyptus leaves, capturing the essence of a sunny summer garden.

Zinnia Wedding Bouquet

zinnia wedding bouquet

Vibrant and lively, this bouquet showcases colorful zinnias in shades of pink, orange, and yellow, accented with delicate greenery for a playful and joyful summer wedding look.

Asymmetrical Summer Wedding Bouquet

asymmetrical summer wedding bouquet

Modern and artistic, this bouquet features an asymmetrical arrangement of bold colors of fuchsia gerbera, pink and orange poppies, and blue and yellow lilies, with cascading greenery of fig tree leaves and fern leaves for a contemporary summer wedding style.

Bohemian Summer Wedding with Matching Bouquets

bohemian summer wedding with matching bouquets

Classic and romantic, this bouquet focuses on luxurious dahlias, roses, and lisianthus in shades of beige and brown, elegantly arranged with touches of eucalyptus leaves for a timeless summer wedding bouquet. The bridesmaids carry petite bouquets that perfectly complement the bride’s bouquet. Dresses are in green sage tones complementary to the greenery on the wedding bouquets and flower arrangements.

bohemian summer wedding with bridesmaids matching bouquets

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Final Thoughts about These Stunning Summer Wedding Bouquets

Ultimately, while some of these trends draw from past styles, their modern execution and evolving inspirations reflect broader societal shifts. These include a growing focus on sustainability, personalization, and bold self-expression, allowing couples to infuse their unique tastes and values into their wedding celebrations.

These 55 stunning suggestions help to capture the essence of each trend while keeping the summer season in mind, ensuring the bouquets are vibrant, fresh, and fitting for a summer wedding.

Now, a couple of final thoughts for cut flower growers, future brides growing their own flowers for the celebration, and flower farmers.

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Overall, I’ve done my best to bring all these beautiful ideas together. I hope you enjoy them!

55 stunning summer wedding bouquets

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