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How to Propagate Poinsettia in the Philippines

Recently, a reader from Manila (the capital of the Philippines) wrote to us because he wants to know how to propagate poinsettia in the Philippines. He told us that he could not find adequate information for his country, and so here I will explain to all readers in the Philippines how to propagate poinsettia all year round.

The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate which is perfect for a wide variety of plants, and it is because of this type of climate that poinsettias and other plants can be propagated in the Philippines all year round. For example, Baguio City has an average temperature of 19 °C, which is an excellent climate for many plants.

Methods to Propagate Poinsettias in the Philippines

There are two methods of propagating poinsettias in the Philippines. The most effective and fastest method is propagation by cuttings which are obtained from another poinsettia, the specimen obtained will be identical to the one from which the cutting was obtained, basically a clone of the other poinsettia.

It is also possible to propagate poinsettias by seeds obtained from other poinsettias or can be purchased at nurseries. It is possible to obtain poinsettia seeds of different colors, just ask your nearest nursery.

Both methods of propagating poinsettias are very good for the Philippines because of its tropical climate. You can choose either of the two methods to propagate poinsettia in the Philippines, which I will explain in the article.

How to Propagate Poinsettia from Cuttings in the Philippines

Normally, the best time to propagate poinsettias is in spring or summer, but in the Philippines, you can propagate poinsettia by cuttings all year round because of its excellent tropical climate. I recommend using non-flowering poinsettia cuttings if possible.

To obtain poinsettia cuttings, you will need sharp scissors or pruning shears to obtain a perfect cut. Always disinfect the tools with alcohol before using them. I recommend wearing gloves because poinsettias have a sap that some people have an allergic reaction to.

Once you have the scissors and gloves, select a cutting of a healthy, actively growing poinsettia. The cutting should be between 7.5 cm and 15 cm long. It is advisable not to take too many cuttings from the same plant so as not to weaken it.

To encourage the cuttings to root faster and easier, I recommend using a rooting hormone (Click here to get rooting hormone). I also recommend our article about homemade rooting hormone. Insert the poinsettia’s cut end into the rooting hormone.

Prepare a pot with a mixture of half sand and half peat to place the poinsettia cuttings. Make the holes to insert the cuttings beforehand, and do not make the holes with the poinsettia cuttings so as not to remove the rooting hormone.

Finally, place the pot in a warm place where it receives indirect sunlight. The climate in the Philippines is humid, but you can additionally put a transparent plastic bag over the pot to retain more humidity.

In about a month, your poinsettia cuttings will be rooted and ready to be repotted. You can repot the cuttings into a pot with a well-drained substrate.

how to propagate poinsettia from cuttings in the philippines
How to Propagate Poinsettia in the Philippines? The climate in the Philippines is very good for the year-round propagation of poinsettias.

How to Propagate Poinsettia from Seeds in the Philippines

Poinsettias may be propagated from seeds fairly easily. However, growing poinsettias from seeds takes a little longer than growing from cuttings.

To propagate poinsettias from seeds, firstly, remove the seed pods from the plant. Wait for a couple of weeks until they are dry.

Once the poinsettias’ seed pods start to turn brown, put them in a paper bag for storage. The seeds will naturally emerge from the seed pods once they have dried sufficiently.

Prepare the seedbed or pots that you will use to sow the poinsettia seeds. Use a well-draining substrate and make sure the pots have holes for drainage. Place the poinsettia seeds and cover them with a thin layer of soil. The soil should be kept moist but not waterlogged for the seeds to germinate.

Place the seedbed or pots in a warm place where they receive indirect sunlight. In a few weeks, you will begin to see your poinsettia seedlings grow. If you do not have poinsettia seeds, I advise you to consult your nearest nursery.

Final Conclusions

Propagating poinsettias in the Philippines is easy due to the pleasant tropical climate, this country has a good climate for growing many plants all year round. I recommend our article about care for poinsettias.

I hope this article about how to propagate poinsettia in the Philippines will be helpful, and that you will have a successful propagation. Likewise, I strongly suggest learning a few tips in the following link if you are interested in growing poinsettias outside.

white poinsettia
The Philippines has a tropical climate, which is excellent for propagating different plants throughout the year.

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