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How to Grow Flowers on Balcony – Colorful Balconies

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The best flowers for the balcony are those that are easy to grow and also bloom spectacularly. Here we are going to take a look at what are undoubtedly the best flowering plants you can have on your balcony. We are sure they will not disappoint you, especially when their flowers burst into dazzling colors. Learn all about how to grow flowers on balcony in this article.

A flowery garden is a space out of series, it will reflect our personality without a doubt and will become the ideal place to sit quietly to read, listen to music or simply have a drink and chat with our loved ones. A place of delight and joy that will undoubtedly calm our spirit always so altered in the times we live in.

How to Grow Flowers on Balcony

Here are some of the best flowers for your balcony, find out how to grow flowers on balcony.


Petunias grow quickly and do not require much care. By themselves, they are already a delight and can be found in various colors, from purple to white through pinks and reds. They need a sunny exposure, frequent watering in summer, and the addition of liquid fertilizer to the irrigation water during the growing season.

petunias flower balcony

How to Grow Flowers on Balcony: Geranium

The geranium is an exceptional flower to grow on the balcony. It is very aromatic and easy to grow. It also needs a lot of suns to develop properly, water a couple of times a week in summer, and fertilize every 15 days with fertilizer for flowering plants.

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how to grow flowers on balcony geranium


Begonias not only have beautiful red, pink, orange, or white flowers but also have thick foliage with heart-shaped leaves that are very attractive even without flowers. Ideal for shady balconies. Begonias can also be grown in hanging pots and their main requirement is moist fertile soil.

begonias flowers

How to Grow Flowers on Balcony: Lobelia

Lobelia is a beautiful flower with large blue petals although it can also be found in white and pink colors. It is a low maintenance plant, suitable for the balcony, and easy to grow. Lobelia likes full sun although it can tolerate partial shade. After flowering it should be cut back to a length of 2.3”-3.1” (6-8 cm) to induce new flowering.

how to grow flowers on balcony lobelia


Pansies are another of the flowers that cannot miss on a balcony for their colorful, varied, and for being one of the flowers that bloom earlier in spring. They can be grown in pots, planters, and hanging baskets. They need neutral or slightly acid soil, very fertile, and sunny exposure.

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pansies flowers home garden

How to Grow Flowers on Balcony: Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum is the second most cultivated flower in the world after roses. It can be grown in almost any climate as there is a wide variety of species and cultivars adapted to very different circumstances. Plenty of suns and frequent watering is all these classic flower needs.

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how to grow flowers on balcony chrysanthemums


Carnations, the genus Dianthus in general, are very fragrant flowers that look great on any balcony. They are plants that take up little space, as they do not grow much, but instead produce a large number of flowers in a wide variety of colors.

carnations flowers garden

How to Grow Flowers on Balcony: Fuchsia

The Fuchsia is a striking hanging flower of intense colors, pink, purple, white, and red. Its structure is original and very decorative. It needs very fertile and humid soil, it does not like a direct sun but it does like bright environments.

how to grow flowers on balcony fuchsia


The zinnia is well known for attracting butterflies, it is an indispensable ingredient in any butterfly garden. It will also look great on the balcony thanks to its single or double petal structure, depending on the variety, and its great variety of colors.

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zinnia flowers garden

How to Care Flowers on Balcony

Depending on the flowers we choose to place on our balcony we must see what needs they have.

The vast majority of the above list are easily adapted to almost all environments, you should always make sure that their pots have a suitable substrate and good drainage to prevent their roots from rotting.

As for lighting, you should see if this plant tolerates direct sun or needs to develop in semi-shade. You should calculate how many hours of light your balcony receives daily.

We hope this article on how to grow flowers on balcony will be very useful and will allow you to fill your balcony with colors.

balcony with flowers anguillara
Balcony with flowers in Anguillara Italy.

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