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How to Dry Flowers – Ultimate Guide 2022

To dry flowers is a way of keeping alive in some way those flowers that someone gave us at the time and that we found very special. There are different ways to dry flowers. In this post, you will learn different ways to dry flowers.

Methods to Dry Flowers

One of the options on almost every type of flower you want to dry is to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. You can change the water, remove the withered petals, and add enzyme tablets to the water.

Let’s look at the common methods to learn how to dry flowers.

Water Evaporation

One of the best ways to have freeze-dried flowers is through the process of water evaporation. It is an ideal process so that it does not lose its original color. This drying process is slower but helps to prevent heat loss. Thanks to this procedure, the flower will be preserved in better conditions. To achieve the method of water evaporation, the flower must be in a container with a little water. We let a little water evaporate until all the water is reduced and disappears. After that, we wait a few days until the flower has lost the rest of its moisture.

Once a few days have passed and the flower bush is no longer moist, it will be completely ready. This flower can be kept in a glass box to enjoy it. This is one of the ways you can get to enjoy the flower for many years.

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How to Dry Flowers

How to Dry Flowers Silica Gel

Silica gel is one of the most effective methods for learning how to dry a flower. With the application of this product to the flower, you can easily dehydrate it and have it ready to maintain for a long time. To carry out this process, a layer of this gel must be placed in a container. Then we cover the bottom of the container with a layer of approximately one centimeter. On top of the layer of gel, we place the flower and close the container hermetically. This is important to keep the flower longer.

Do not forget to cover the layer in the bud area with this type of gel. This is usually the area that degrades the fastest. In about 10 days the flower has dried out completely. This is because this product has a great capacity to absorb moisture and leave the flower completely dry.

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Sand Dry Method

Another method of learning how to dry a flower is through the use of sand and salt. Sand makes it easier for us to preserve any type of flower. You just have to have sand in a box and cover the flower with sand quite carefully. The box should be placed in a place that is as dry as possible. The area of the flower bud should be slightly upward facing. Depending on the humidity in the room the flower may take more or less time to dry. Usually, it takes about two weeks to lose all moisture, depending on the environment where you are.

Even if you don’t have to treat it too much, it is interesting to take a look at the flower from time to time to see if it is completely dry. The sand acts in a similar way to the silica gel. It gradually reduces the humidity of the flower until it is completely dry.

How to Dry Flowers With Salt

On the other hand, we have salt. This is a powerful moisture absorber and is an excellent preservative. For these cases, the best salt to use for this procedure is coarse salt. The process is similar to that of sand and silica gel. We will use a container and place approximately one centimeter of a salt layer on the bottom. We will place the flower on top and leave it for as many days as necessary for it to set completely. This is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to preserve flowers. Any amount of humidity the flower has will be absorbed little by the action of the salt.

How to Dry Flowers Out

If you live in a very sunny area the sun is the best method to have freeze-dried flowers. We need an area where the humidity is very low and the number of hours of sunshine very high. Thanks to these environmental conditions the humidity inside the flower will evaporate quickly. All we have to do is leave the flower exposed to the sun and the rest will follow. The only problem this method has in learning how to dry a flower is that the flower loses some of its colors.

Uses of the Dry Flowers

The main use of dried flowers is for decoration. You can also use this flower as a gift for someone very precious and who may have a memory of you.

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