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How to Care Cyclamen – Ultimate Guide

Cyclamen are plants belonging to the great variety of the Primulaceae family. It is geographically distributed extensive, but at the same time, it is limited. That is to say, not all its varieties are found everywhere. These wonderful flowers are perfect when the temperature is low. In this post learn everything about cyclamen plant care.

During times of low temperatures, most of the plants cannot fulfill their decorative function; but Cyclamen is different. Its beautiful colors last even in these times. This is why it has acquired great value in the area of gardening and interior decoration.

how to care for cyclamen in a pot

This plant is medium-sized. Its stems are found under the ground, leaving visible only its green flowers (light or dark that can vary in shape) and above them, its flowers; which can be of different sizes and colors according to their variety (white, red, pink, light or dark purple…)

It is known in almost all regions of the world as Cyclamen, Violet, Artanite, and Pork Bread.

how to care for cyclamen grow

Cyclamen Care: Planting

Before planting it, we must first get to know it. Cyclamen is a perennial or annual plant of tubers; that is to say, it has strong subway stems that have their own reserve of nutrients. In this sense, it is ideal for planting in soil (open spaces) as well as in pots and containers (open or closed space).

This species can be found in any nursery, there is no shortage of it (generally). Or you can take care of the plant from its birth either through seeds or by planting its stem.

In any of the techniques to be applied, it is very important to prepare the soil by adding organic fertilizer and mixing it. This type of plant develops much better in materials. The reason for this is that they are less susceptible to humidity.

Cyclamen in a Pot

Get a medium-size pot and then place about 1-2 inches of coconut bark at the bottom to prevent withering.

Then, add the soil previously prepared so that when measured, it is in a good position. That is, neither too deep nor too protruding. For this, you can add or remove soil until it is perfectly located.

Add the rest of the soil until it covers the stem and applies a little pressure with your hands to hold it.

potted flowers

Cyclamen Variety

Perhaps you have read that it is difficult for it to be given correctly. However, this is a plant that requires specific care (which is not too complicated) to maintain a good state and effective development, especially when obtained from its germination.

sowbread in a pot


This type of plant cannot receive direct sun. It needs contributions of indirect light. For that reason it is important to plant it in a suitable place; this could be perfectly under the shade of a tree.

Watering Cyclamen

Being a plant that is protected by factors like the very strong breeze and the direct light, his roots tend to rot; for this reason, it is not possible to water him so frequently. With 3 days a week of watering, it will be enough to keep it hydrated and also avoid such rotting. This should be done more carefully during the flowering period when she needs it the most.

It is also important to water it with a moderate amount of water so that it does not hurt the plant. You can easily do this with the hose or watering can, as long as the waterfalls directly on the substrate and never on the leaves.

how to care for cyclamen

Soil for Cyclamen Care

A soil rich in nutrients, slightly humid, and with good drainage cannot be missing. The acidity of soils with lime should be controlled because it does not tolerate it very well.

Temperature: Some varieties can tolerate extremely high temperatures. However, they appreciate neutral climates. This can be achieved in different ways. For example: If the climate is very cold, protect it inside your house.

It is delicate in terms of temperature extremes, mainly drought.

Fertilizer for Cyclamen Care

To optimize the health of our plant, we recommend applying fertilizer once a month.

After the year of flowering, the plant will begin to produce less luxurious flowers. However, it remains decorative and can last a long time.  This process should be stimulated by applying fertilizer, or by pulling out wilted leaves every time they appear.

cyclamen garden in Madrid Spain
Cyclamen – Gardens in Madrid, Spain

Pests and Diseases

Violets rarely look sick. If you take care of it properly, you will appreciate it by showing impressive stamina. However, excess moisture and lack of nutrients could cause conditions such as fungus, yellowing of leaf color, loss of flowering… It is advisable to be aware of any changes you may experience; it may indicate mild or severe conditions.

Powdery mildew: This disease is very common in this and other types of plants. To identify it, look at the leaves. Generally, a white powder appears in a star shape on its surface; later they turn yellow and are lost.

Fusarium: One of the main causes of this disease is that Cyclamen has too much organic matter. Although it seems incredible, it is a perfect example that excesses are not convenient.

It is identified by a kind of pink mold, caused by a fungus, which causes symptoms similar to Oidis: yellowing and wilt on the leaves. Finally, if the plant is not treated in time. It will be completely lost.

how to grow cyclamen garden

Thrips: Less frequent in this plant, but still not exempt. It is a known plague, characterized by small, reddish spots on the leaves.  They are not difficult to eliminate, as long as they are identified in time. For this, the use of insecticides will be sufficient.

If caterpillars are present, it is recommended to eliminate them manually and discard them.

Is Cyclamen Toxic for Cats?

Toxic for Pets and Humans

This plant is poisonous. It is necessary to place it out of the reach of children and all kinds of pets; since it could cause severe convulsions, vomiting, diarrhea…

Tips and Recommendations for Cyclamen Care

It can be applied on the ground, with decorative gravel.  This will give it a much more striking and elegant touch.

Use gloves to avoid hurting your hands.

If you wish to obtain it directly from the seed, the procedure is the same.

sowbread potted

It is very important to verify that the pot has holes in the bottom.

It is not recommended to use the plate with water to hydrate it. This will cause the plant to constantly absorb it and may cause a yellowish shade on its leaves.

During the summer, it is recommended to give the plant some time to rest (if it has already passed the flowering period) where it is watered little and only to not let it dry out. Then, replant it as if it were the first time in autumn.

cyclamen how to grow plant care for cyclamen
how to care for cyclamen potted

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