What To Plant In October – Ultimate Guide

what to plant in october ultimate guide

With the arrival of autumn, many people think that the days of gardening are over. Nothing could be further from the truth! And checking it out is as simple as taking a look at the October planting calendar. A fantastic way to discover the crops that we can still enjoy with the most authentic flavor. …

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Pineapple Plant Care & Grow: Indoors & Outdoors

pineapple plant care grow indoors outdoors

The pineapple plant is a monocotyledon plant, native to tropical regions such as Mattogroso in South America located between Uruguay and Brazil. The pineapple plant cultivation is widely distributed to different countries and USDA regions due to its ease of cultivation. The pineapple plant can be easily grown indoors, outdoors, in pots. Even in areas …

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Leaves Curl Up on Tomato Plant – 5 Reasons

leaves curl up on tomato plant 5 reasons

If the leaves of your tomato plants bend or curl, the problem may be due to biological, chemical, or physical factors. Sometimes all the leaves curl, sometimes only the young leaves curl. In today’s article, we are going to look at the 5 reasons why leaves curl up on tomato plant. Leaves Curl Up on …

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Pruning Blueberry Bushes – All You Need to Know

pruning blueberry bushes all you need to know

The main function of pruning blueberry bushes is to balance the plant between the vegetative and reproductive organs, that is, to seek a balance between productive and renewal branches, which are necessary every year to continue producing quality fruit. But depending on the age of the plant, pruning will be different and more complex the …

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