How to Take Care Venus Fly Trap – Guide

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Dionaea muscipula, better known as Venus fly trap, is native to North Carolina (USA), is the best known and preferred by people. With good care, it can live for many years. In this guide, we will explain all about how to take care of Venus fly trap plants. Their traps close and open 3 to

Feng Shui Plant Placement: Strategic Allies

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Boost your positive energy and wealth by knowing what plants are the best for the Feng Shui discipline and which ones you should get rid of right now!. Learn all about Feng Shui plant placement in this article. Also, I share how to balance the energy by correctly placing Feng Shui plants at home, in

Best Plants for Kitchen Ultimate Guide

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Besides the kitchen should be a practical and functional place, we need the kitchen to be a welcoming place. The kitchen is a meeting point, a meeting place for family and friends where share daily stories and prepare new dishes as a gratifying activity for many. Kitchen plants are key to transform and create a