Ponytail Palm Brown Tips – How to Revive

ponytail palm brown tips how to revive

Ponytail Palm Brown Leaves Despite the Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) needs a low frequency of watering, sometimes the Ponytail Palm has dry brown tips. If this is your case, then follow these steps on how to revive a dried Ponytail Palm plant and you will see that it will soon recover. Learn all about Ponytail …

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How to Prune Bonsai – Ultimate Guide

how to prune bonsai ultimate guide

How to prune bonsai, is an excellent idea, since this procedure should not be done lightly, it is important to take into account that bonsais have the particularity of being controlled in size by pruning their roots. However, it is essential the time or season in which it is done, they enter a resting stage …

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