Coffee Grounds for Plants – Organic Fertilizer

coffee grounds for plants

The remains of coffee and breakfast, in general, are usually a real treasure to fertilize plants, whether they are ornamental or edible. If on the one hand, the skins of the fruits are ideal for composting, coffee is not far behind. Continue reading to learn all about coffee grounds for plants in this post. We

Garden Centipede: Benefits of Centipedes in the Garden

Garden Centipedes can help control some pests instead of using fumigants. Centipedes, being predators, keep in check other insect species that can affect crops, such as some types of beetle larvae that can consume plant roots. A garden centipede may be beneficial, to eliminate pests. In this article, find out the benefits of garden centipedes.

What is Cotyledon? Definitions and Meaning

cotyledon sprout

Like any animal, phanerogamous plants also arise from an embryo in successive stages of development. The first leaf that emerges from a plant embryo in the early development of a plant is called a cotyledon. What is a Cotyledon: Definition Within botany, the term cotyledon refers to the primordial leaves of flowering plants (phanerogams) that

How Keep Christmas Tree Fresh – Guide

christmas tree alive

If you have not yet bought your Christmas tree or if you have already bought it and want to keep it as fresh as possible until January 6, these tips can be very useful. Learn all about how to keep Christmas tree alive in this post. Tips to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer 1.

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth in Potted Plants

diatomaceous earth

In this article we will explain how to use diatomaceous earth in potted plants, you will learn all the advantages of this amazing mineral. This mineral is used in agriculture and livestock farming as a natural contact insecticide, fertilizer, and as an additive for animal nutrition. What is Diatomaceous Earth? Diatomaceous earth, also known as

How To Paint Terracotta Pots Step by Step

how to paint terracotta pots

Do-it-yourself is in vogue. It is gaining followers all over the world and is having a greater impact than ever before in the field of decoration. More and more people are looking for information on the Internet to learn crafts or turn a hobby into a personal undertaking. If you like plants, we tell you

What are Vascular Plants and Characteristics

vascular plants home

Are you wondering what vascular plants are? The answer to this question, and much more information about it, can be found in this simple post in which we explain everything you need to know about this type of plant. You will discover that you already knew more about them than you thought and you will

Homemade Rooting Hormone

rooting hormones cutting

The rooting hormones and natural plant hormones serve to multiply a plant by cuttings, or also as a stimulant in already constituted plants, poor in roots. With the application of these ecological and organic bio-inputs, we will obtain great benefits in the different stages of the crops. Learn how to prepare homemade rooting hormone. Learn