How to Measure Soil pH – Guide

how to measure soil ph guide

Many plants have specific requirements for the acidity or alkalinity of the soil they are in, so it is common when looking up the care of some plants to see things like “requires acidic soils” or certain pH requirements. Because of this, it becomes necessary to know how to measure soil pH at home and …

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How to Apply Neem Oil to Plants – Guide

how to apply neem oil to plants guide

Neem oil is an oil extracted from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica), being the most commercialized product derived from it. Learn all about how to apply neem oil to plants in this article. Due to its medicinal properties and its particular characteristics, it is widely used in medicine and agriculture, mainly. Recently, …

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Garden Centipede: Benefits in the Garden

Centipedes can help control some pests instead of using fumigants. These insects, being predators, keep in check other insect species that can affect crops, such as some types of beetle larvae that can consume plant roots. Learn all about garden centipede and benefits of centipedes in this article. Garden Centipede Benefits Centipedes feed on other …

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