How To Root Cuttings – Step by Step

how to root cuttings step by step

One of the best ways to multiply a large number of plant species is by cuttings. It is much faster than multiplication by seed because, once the cutting is rooted, it continues to develop from seedling size with weeks or months of growth, and also ensures that we have an adult specimen that will be

How to Get Rid of Scorpions – Do It Yourself

how to get rid of scorpions do it yourself

For many years, mankind has been looking for the ultimate solution to get rid of scorpions that invade our homes. It is for this reason that in this article, we will talk about the scorpion repellents that we can use in our homes. In addition, you will learn some tips to prevent them from entering

Home Remedies for Slugs: Natural and Ecological

home remedies for slugs natural and ecological

Slugs usually like to live close to our plants and can cause a great deal of damage compared to other pests. Although many commercial options can help us get rid of these terrestrial crustaceans, many times these products are toxic to birds and other wild animals, and not very effective during the rain. In this

Milk For Plants: Benefits and How to Use It

milk for plants benefits and how to use it

Milk is one of those products that is a must in any refrigerator or pantry. Almost everyone likes it with cocoa, coffee, tea, or even alone, but milk has much to offer even beyond the animal kingdom, as it is an excellent ally in the care of your plants. If you want to know its

How to Measure Soil pH – Guide

how to measure soil ph guide

Many plants have specific requirements for the acidity or alkalinity of the soil they are in, so it is common when looking up the care of some plants to see things like “requires acidic soils” or certain pH requirements. Because of this, it becomes necessary to know how to measure soil pH at home and

How to Transplanting Plants – Complete Guide

how to transplanting plants complete guide

Transplanting our plants either from a pot or to another place in the ground is very important for the correct growth of the plants. It is a process a little delicate but not for that reason difficult. Learn all about how to transplanting plants in this complete guide. When to Transplant a Plant The best