Aeonium Kiwi Care – How to Care Guide

aeonium kiwi care how to care guide

For those of us who are fascinated by succulents, it is very satisfying to be able to talk or tell others about our little plants, the reasons why we love them, and practically want to initiate everyone in this exciting hobby of collecting succulents. Learn all about Aeonium Kiwi care in this article. If you

Crassula campfire Care and Propagation

Crassula campfire Care and Propagation

If you are a person who is dedicated to making arrangements with succulents or you are thinking of getting into this hobby, consider this Crassula campfire as one of your best allies, because its beautiful color will give a wonderful contrast to your arrangements. Crassula campfire, also known as Crassula erosula and Crassula capitella campfire,

Crassula tetragona Care – Garden & Bonsai Guide

crassula tetragona care garden bonsai guide

Crassula tetragona, also called Miniature Pine Tree, Bonsai Pine Succulent Plant, and Bonsai Chinese Pine, is a succulent plant easy to cultivate with the right tips. Succulent collectors may be familiar with Crassula tetragona, especially those in Southern California. In succulent gardens, Crassula tetragona will easily spread and prosper. Here a guide about Crassula tetragona

How to Care for Coneflowers – Guide

how to care for coneflowers guide

Coneflowers are a perennial plant native to North America. It is an herbaceous plant with erect stems, it can measure from 16” to 39” (40 cm to 1 m) in height in most varieties. Its leaves are elongated, pointed, wider at their midpoint, dark green, and rough to the touch. The lower leaves are much

How to Fertilize Orchids – Secrets, and Tips

how to fertilize orchids secrents and tips

In this article, we will explain how to fertilize orchids correctly. Most people believe that fertilizer is some kind of miracle product with the ability to save and revive the worst orchid we can find. The reality is different. If the orchid is in a very bad condition, compost or fertilizer will not be the

Best Fertilizer for Geraniums – Gardening Tips

best fertilizer for geraniums gardening tips

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best fertilizer for geraniums. First, we will talk about homemade fertilizers for geraniums and then we will review the best commercial geranium fertilizers that we have used at The Garden Style. Making homemade fertilizer for geraniums is easier than many people think. Geraniums are

How to Plant Zinnias from Seeds – Step by Step

how to plant zinnia from seed step by step

Zinnia flowers are beautiful and can last for almost two months every year. Zinnia flowers are very simple to propagate from seeds. Zinnias bloom all summer and you can plant Zinnias in a pot. In this article, we will explain how to plant Zinnias from seeds step by step and how to care for Zinnias

How to Grow California Poppies – Guide

how to grow california poppies guide

The California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) is a plant native to California as its name suggests, it is also found in Mexico in the part of Baja California. Today we will explain to you how to grow California poppies step by step. In nature it is found in large meadows, in the Antelope Valley (California) there

How to Care for Potted Geraniums – Easy Guide

how to care for potted geraniums easy guide

Geraniums are not difficult plants to grow, but the more love and care you give them, the more beautiful they will be. Learn all about how to care for potted geraniums in this article. With more than 240 varieties, the pelargonium (in its scientific meaning), in temperate climates can bloom all year round. If we