Dracaena marginata Care Guide

dracaena marginata care guide

The Dracaena marginata is a houseplant very appreciated for its easy care and its beautiful appearance, but it also stands out for being part of the group of plants that can purify and clean the air of the rooms in which they are located, such as the pothos. If you want to enjoy this beautiful …

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National Flower of El Salvador – Guide

national flower of el salvador guide

Since we were very young, we were taught that it was very significant to know about all the patrimonial symbols that constitute the essence and the heart of a country because that filled our being with pride, that is why today we are going to tell you which is the national flower of El Salvador. …

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Masdevallia Orchids – The Most Complete Guide

masdevallia orchids the most complete guide

Masdevallia orchids are another orchid genus perfect for growing in gardens and indoors, providing the room with a decorative and eye-catching element. It is a plant that is characterized by having small petals and presents a diversity of colors that vary from lighter shades to darker ones such as red. In today’s article of The …

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Brassavola Orchids – The Most Complete Guide

brassavola orchids the most complete guide

Brassavola is a genus of small orchid species, characterized by a beautiful whitish color in its main flower. It is one of the orchids that we can grow at home and that resembles the famous Cattleyas distributed throughout South America. If you are looking for information about Brassavola Orchids we will explain everything you need …

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National Flower of Italy – Guide

national flower of italy guide

The national flower of Italy is the daisy, which was chosen as such because it was the favorite flower of Queen Margherita of Savoy. The National Flower of Italy – Information, Description, and Appearance Bellis perennis, also known as daisy, grow up to 2″-8″ (5- 20 cm) in height. Its ovate leaves are collected in …

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